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Siri learns and recognizes family members’ voices for personalized responses related to Messages, Calendar, and more. Hit the underlined word and a dialogue pops up with some alternatives, which are often correct. Male Siri Voice Generator: Well, the video we have shared would surely let you stop wondering How To Make Siri Say Stuff and start searching for the best one and how to use it.You might not know that the male voice of Siri in the UK is by someone named Daniel. Of course, it’s inconvenient, but her transcription errors are far more infrequent after a little training. You speak, she does it. Then you can dictate the content of the message and Siri will send off the message for you, once you are happy with the text. You can change Siris voice and make her more human. It takes about a week to get into the habit, but it’s worth it. Everything you say to Siri gets sent to Apple, analyzed, and stored. Say the word “Text” and then the name of the person you want to send a text message to. Instead of opening the Messages app, I now say “text my wife,” and I’m usually done in a fraction of the time this used to take. Remember, any adjustments you make here are universal to all of Siri! The second way to make your own Siri is to take advantage of various open-source solutions. Send Voice or Audio Messages Using Siri on iPhone. There is no easier way to set a reminder, add a meeting to your calendar, start calls or send messages. Once connected to a power source, your iPhone will be waiting and listening for this so-called “hot word”. I find it useful for errands: “Get coffee at Martha Brothers” (my local coffee shop) or “Drop clothes at Locals Dry Cleaners.” Then when I pass the dry cleaners on the way home, a reminder pops up. Say “Yes” when Siri asks you to confirm. Please review. On a personal level, you can help her better understand commands by manually correcting mistakes. And to put Siri away, you can press the same button you used to invoke Siri, take another action, or tap on your screen and Siri will disappear. She understands “What appointments have I got tomorrow?” as well as “Cancel my doctor’s appointment on Friday.”. Siri can be, in fact, completely useless. Siri is anyday more sarcastic than your best friend, and the way she replies it looks like she was made by Chandler Bing. Nothing too ambitious. Once you work out the kinks and get in the habit of using Siri, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it. If one of the things that bothered you about Siri on HomePod was the lack of help at times, this enhancement should make you very happy. Again, find the contact, hit “Edit” and “Add New Field” and select “Nickname.”. You may even hear something like “I found some web results. Apple introduced Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant that debuted with iOS 5 nine years ago today on October 4, 2011. It’s well worth spending some quality time here, familiarizing yourself with features like finding the easiest way to get a trivia answer—simply by saying, “Google the war of 1812.”. You can tap the “Play” button here to preview the voice message to make sure you’re happy with it. It … If you have an iPhone or iPad, you know you can count on Siri for any practical information you need, but this virtual assistant is not only useful for everyday life but can cheer you up when you’re sad, have fun when you’re bored or surprise you with the ingenious humor it can have. It’s very easy to overlook, but tap it and you’ll discover a big and useful library of tips for using Siri. Most people hold the Home button for two seconds to bring Siri to life, but there’s a better way to use Siri in public. Siri will usually respond with an apology or may say things like, "I'm just trying to help." Dial up your patience for a few days, and try these easy tips. Yes, Siri can sing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' but it can also answer a whole host of questions … If Siri doesn't close automatically, click close in the window. Better to say, “Tell Joe Bob I’ll be 20 minutes late,” or “Text my mother that we arrived safely.” The keywords are “Tell” and “Text,” which alerts Siri to send an SMS message. It is recommended that you use the phrase "Using Daily" or "In my Daily App" either in the begining of the sentence, or the end. To-do lists never work for me because I always forget to check them. Go to Settings > Siri & Search Scroll down to the list of apps that appear here - all the apps installed on your device basically. You can do this manually in Contacts by selecting your own contact information and filling in the slots for “wife,” “daughter,” and so on. Then say what you need. This is the app you’re looking for. Using the Settings App on your Apple Watch > Tap on Siri and scroll down to the section after Voice Feedback and you find Voice Volume.. Siri can find flights or book restaurants, but I tend to use her for everyday tasks—the productivity stuff, in other words. That’s a minor niggle easily solved by a trip to the App Store. Siri was one of the main flagship features of the iPhone 4S, which like today, allowed Ive seen some people showing their Siri answering to their questions. However, by forcing myself to launch Siri every time I went to type something, I soon got into the habit. A quicker method is to tell Siri directly: "Joe Bob is my brother.” Just make … Learn how to make Siri more human here. Long-press the Digital Crown to activate Siri or raise your wrist and say Hey Siri (if the setting is enabled). Please do leave comments below. Or so Apple claims. Apple is constantly improving upon the technology and database that underlies your interaction with Siri. When using Siri to send an email, the important keywords to use are: “send”, “about” and “say.” This way you can rattle off the recipient, subject line and message body in one go: Send email to about and say . Raise to Speak launches Siri when you lift your iPhone to your ear, and you are "not" making a phone call. Look up your own contact card, tap “Edit” and scroll down to add relationships by hand. Siri can remember any kind of relation you have to your contacts, be it your spouse or best friend, or a relative such as your parents and siblings. Ask her whether you have any new mail and she will present the newest unread messages in reverse chronological order to you. Better to say "Schedule a meeting with Joe Bob tomorrow at 11a.m." Well yes, one of the common ways is to turn Siri into your pet parrot, she will call you with the name you change to “Asshole”, read out text full of curse which you send to yourself but the moment you ask her about the word “mother”, bombshell, she will curse you like a … To make sure the accent has been changed to your preference, tap on the Accent or Gender option. Using Siri for email is a bit more involved than sending SMS texts, but again it’s useful for situations like driving. This is a great and natural way to contact people: “Call my boss” or “text my assistant I’ll be 20 minutes late.” You can even add custom labels like “accountant” or “lawyer.”. Once installed open the appso we can get started on creating a shortcut. You can do this manually in Contacts by selecting your own contact information and filling in the slots for “wife,” “daughter,” and so on. It’s dead easy to tell Siri: “Remind me to get milk when I leave.” And when I step out of the door, the reminder pops up. Simply tell her to “write a text to John” and she will reconcile the query with your list of contacts. But there is so much more to Siri, hidden right beneath the surface. Siri suggests scenes based on your routine. I’ll send them to Sandy’s iPhone”. To make a longer request, hold the Siri button until you're finished making your request. I say “intelligent” in quotes because for many people Siri is anything but. Palace of “Ver-Sigh,” for example. If you've dismissed Siri due to frustration, or never even gave it a shot, I have 10 simple tips to help get you started. This is very useful when you’re in the car or walking down a street, it works almost hands-free or even completely hands-free when using a headset or your EarPods. This feature is also available for calls, simply tell Siri who to call and she’ll dial in the number for you. So, in order to make this work with Siri, 2Do should be referred to as "my daily app" or simply "daily". Siri has quite a lot of smarts. But if you are not happy with Siri’s voice to text transcription, you can simply ask it to send a voice message. All rights reserved, Insights and Inspiration to Help Grow Your Business, Check for Pre-qualified Credit Card Offers, Credit Intel – Financial Education Center. After issuing a command, check the speech box showing what you said. You can even do this for place names, like favorite restaurants or places with hard-to-recognize names. I use Siri a lot for sending texts, my preferred way to communicate these days. The more people use it, the more accents she understands and the better she is able to understand you, the individual. Another way to bring up Siri is to switch on the “Hey Siri” feature. If Raise to Speak is off, go to Settings > General > Siri and scroll to the bottom. I’ve been tweaking settings, learning commands and patiently correcting Siri when there was a hiccup. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Another useful trick is to add nicknames to contacts. Say FaceTime (Contact Name). Siri has lived up to its promise and truly made me more productive. Make a FaceTime call with Siri on your Apple Watch. What this application does, is to use user interface that has natural language to make recommendations, answer questions as well as perform actions. A rookie mistake is to say, “Schedule a meeting for tomorrow,” to which Siri responds with a query about what time? A quicker method is to tell Siri directly: "Joe Bob is my brother.” Just make sure the name is already in your contacts. If you make a mistake, you can easily fix things by saying "change the time" or simply “cancel.” If there is ambiguity, Siri will ask questions to clarify the time or location.

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